Now that summer is officially done and fall is all around us, it is time to think about fall and winter plumbing maintenance. The days still have plenty of warmth when the sun is out to give you a chance to do routine maintenance around the house that will keep your plumbing system up and running. That is why we have come up with a quick plumbing maintenance checklist for the fall and winter to help Ottawa home owners avoid troubles like frozen and burst pipes.


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Be sure to do the following maintenance checks:


Outdoor Faucets and Drainage

The first thing you need to do is disconnect any outdoor hoses, shut off sprinklers, drain pools and hot tubs, and all of that. Get rid of all residual water. Pack up any items that could retain water and store them in a dry place. Then seek out the main water valve for your outdoor faucets and turn these faucets off. Make sure water has drained out.


Sometimes the valves you seek are located in the basement. For those who have separate plumbing for outdoor irrigation, you might have to locate the water pump.


Look Around The Basement

Next, you head down to the basement and take a look at the pipes and the walls. Tighten valves that seem loose and keep an eye open for anything that looks even close to a leak. If you find any dripping or leaks or cracks, you need to repair these things immediately. If you need help replacing any damaged pipes, reach out to a neighbor plumber or basement contractor.


You also want to make sure insulation is up to spec. Ottawa has plenty of extreme wintry weather, and pipes freezing and exploding is nothing new. Usually, pipes that run outside are the first ones to freeze and burst. Poor insulation will make matters worse. It is always wise to ensure you have enough insulation.


Equipment Check-Up

Lastly, your sump pump and hot water heater will need to be inspected and maintained. Nothing is worse than having zero hot water on a frigid winter morning or a sump pump that doesn’t work once the snow starts melting. Sump pumps can also get quickly overwhelmed and overheated if they are not maintained. Call the local plumber to get your equipment serviced before winter comes around to avoid any extensive and extremely expensive water damage.


There you have it—a checklist of things to do in preparation for winter. Remember that doing these little checks around the house can save you from a lot of headaches and grief later on. Five minutes spent making appointments and shutting off valves has never been better spent!


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