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Clogged drains are never welcome, and there’s never a better time than right now to get rid of the frustration they cause.

If you’ve got a drain that drains too slow, or is completely clogged, you can rely on The Irish Plumber to take care of it immediately and permanently.

We guarantee that any and all clogs in your home are removed the first time, or we’ll come back to finish the job.

The Irish Plumber’s Guarantee

The Irish Plumber guarantees that we will get the pipes flowing or we will make necessary recommendations to fix broken sagging abs or rotten cast Iron .

Any and Every Drain

Whether you’ve got a single drain that isnt draining as efficiently as you’d like, or if you’ve got a fundamental issue with your entire home’s plumbing systems; The Irish Plumber offers the same level of service and warranty on every job.

Upfront, transparent pricing and a two-year warranty is what you can expect from any and every job performed by The Irish Plumber, big or small.

Got a clog you’d like to talk about getting cleared? Get in touch today!

Drain Services We Offer

  • Burst Pipe Repair
  • Backwater Valve Installation & Maintenance
  • Sump Pump Service
  • Sewage Pump Service
  • Interior Weeping Tile Installation

Do You Need A Plumber?

Sick of paying inflated home insurance rates?
Have you got an older home and need to upgrade plumbing system ?
Does your laundry tub in basement never drain properly?
Does your basement floor drain back up?
Is your basement bathroom plumbing slow to drain?
Do your basement smell of sewage from time to time?


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At The Irish Plumber we specialize in replacement of all old Cast Iron, Galvanized and Copper piping and upgrade to schedule 40 abs piping. All homes build before the late 70s have Cast Iron and copper piping. The life span of Cast Iron piping is 40 – 50 years, It then begins to deteriorate break down and corrode which causes big problems in your plumbing system. Cracked, offset or broken Cast Iron will cause flooding of your basement due to solids getting caught and backing up through your floor drain. This is very unpleasant not to mention a health hazard. What the home owner doesn’t know is the they are paying high insurance rates if they have an older home because they are susceptible to flooding caused by a deteriorated plumbing system.

At The Irish Plumber we specialize in the replacement of all underground and above ground piping for older homes from the roof right out to the property line and upgrading it to schedule 40 abs. We also  install main line backwater valve to protect your home  from back pressure caused by city sewers backing up. This also reduces your insurance rates as there is now no risk of flooding.

Prompt Service.

If you need us tonight, two weeks from now, any time at all, you can depend on The Irish Plumber to work around your schedule for your convenience.

Warranty On Work.

The Irish Plumber stands behind their work by offering a 2 year guarantee on all work performed by the company. If it isn’t done right the first time, we fix it for free.

Done Right.

15 years of experience and full Red Seal Certification guarantee our expertise. No hassle, just jobs done well, on time and on budget.

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Michael came and fixed the plumbing job another “animal” company left us with. Mike did so well. We ended up with pipes under the kitchen sink situated farther back to allow larger pull out drawers for garbage/recycling. Also worth noting he is very clean, no mess left, no Spare parts lying around. Already thinking of our next Reno – a full 4 piece bathroom. Can’t wait for Mike the Irish Plumber to do more A+ work!!! Highly recommended.

Oliver Grant

Ottawa Home Owner