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How To Build A Drainage Catch Basin

Are you struggling with settled water in your hard? Is your foundation at risk of water damage or cracking? Is there too much runoff from the road? One method for tackling any of these issues with standing water or flooding on your property is to build a drainage catch basin. The sole purpose of a..

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Plumbing Maintenance Checklist For Fall and Winter

Now that summer is officially done and fall is all around us, it is time to think about fall and winter plumbing maintenance. The days still have plenty of warmth when the sun is out to give you a chance to do routine maintenance around the house that will keep your plumbing system up and..

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Everything You Need To Know About Ottawa’s Backflow Prevention Program

In 2018, Ottawa launched its backflow prevention program, which is to be phased in over a ten year duration. The program will first look to newer commercial buildings and industrial sites, while older buildings will be required to add new backflow prevention systems and undergo testing. However, if you are an Ottawa homeowner, you don’t..

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