Stop letting unnoticed leaks drain you of time and money. On average, a  household in Ottawa will use about 400 gallons of water throughout the day, from washing hands to flushing the toilet or taking a shower. But when you have a leak, the plumbing system inside your home may be using way more water than average to get the same job done. When a leak occurs, it’s a race against time—because the longer it goes undetected, the more damage is done.

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Depending on the leak or other plumbing problem, you will need a plumber or leak detection specialist. But what is the difference between a plumber and a leak detection specialist? And why are these professionals so important for fixing leaks?


The Difference Between Plumber and Leak Detection Specialist

Leak detection specialists and plumbers both have extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to the intricacies of pipes and drainage, but the two professions are not the same.


Plumbers can repair, replace, and install new pipes and other appliances that hook up to the water and plumbing lines of a house or commercial building. Kitchen sinks, toilets, showers and bathtubs, washing machine lines, and hot water heaters are just a couple of the things they can work on. Plumbers can also train to install drain lines or vent pipes and can find clogs in pipes using video sewer inspections.


While leak detection specialists are still technically plumbers, they are highly specialized in plumbing and carry a unique set of tools designed for finding precisely where leaks have began. This helps with repairing the leak in the most efficient and economical manner.


Leak Detection Tools

As mentioned above, plumbers who specialize in leak detection throughout the Ottawa region will carry a different kind of tool kit than what you may be used to seeing. While plumbers have generalized tools, leak detection specialists have devices designed to find leaks wherever they could be—in the basement, under the front porch, inside an in-ground swimming pool, or anywhere else a leak could spring up.


The tools a leak detection specialist uses are designed to do the following:


  • Pressurizing water meters and lines to find if a leak exists
  • Saws that cut through piping and minimize the need for digging up your yard
  • Electronic listening devices that can hear if water is escaping from water lines beneath a tile floor or behind a wall
  • Infrared detection equipment that can “see” water beneath solid surfaces
  • Custom mirrors that can fit into tight spaces, allowing the leak detection specialist to find leaks in hard to see spaces


As you can see, a leak detection specialist is kind of like a plumbing sleuth who can sniff out problems in places you may have never imagined. Without the tools, however, the professional would have to do a lot of guesswork, which results in tearing out pipes, digging up drainage and sewage lines, or crawling around the basement. All that extra work the plumber is putting in will undoubtedly increase the price.


Call on a trained leak detection specialist in River Side South when you need to find and repair a leak as soon as possible.


Why You Should Detect and Fix Leaks Immediately

Finding a leak can feel like finding a needle in a pile of hay, but you need to find those cracks and leaks—fast. Here’s why:


  • Leaks can lead to damage. Floor, wall, and ceiling water damage can wreak havoc on your household. Floors will warp, walls and ceilings will stain, paint can chip and crack; and if left undetected, the damage will spread to the internal structure and the foundation of your home.
  • Mildew growth. Any leak opens up the possibility of moisture. Added dampness that doesn’t go away will eventually lead to condensation, mold and mildew growth, which jeopardizes the health of everyone in your household or office.
  • Wasted water. It also impacts the environment to waste water by letting leaks go unfixed. Plus, you end up literally paying for all that wasted water.


Locating leaks can sometimes be easy. You might see the kitchen sink dripping more the usual or find the bathroom floor soaked one morning. In those cases, you can contact a local plumber immediately. However, there will come a time when the water bill cost has skyrocketed, or you start to smell mold wafting up through the HVAC vents, or your space suddenly feels more damp in the winter time.


That is a surefire sign there is water leaking in from somewhere. Finding a pinhole leak is next to impossible, unless you hire a leak detection specialist. You will get the complete service of leak detection and repair, as well as the guarantee that everything from the affected flooring and walls will be patched up and made good as new.


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