Pipes that leak are a danger to your home and family. Leaky pipes can stem from a number of issues that, if not remedied quickly, can cause serious problems within the house. If you want to protect your household and belongings from harm, it is important that you keep your pipes and other plumbing pieces in working order.

Here is what you need to know about leaky pipes:


Common Causes of Leaky Pipes

Deterioration & Shifting

Fixtures within the household are bound to get used and worn over time. Pipes, drainage, and other parts of the plumbing system will even begin to breakdown—and that can cause rusting and leaking from multiple locations. While the dripping might only be once or twice per minute, that can add up in the long run and damage the surrounding areas.



Hot and cold changes in the pipeline can cause cracking and bursting in the pipes, especially when the outside temperature fluctuates. Any frozen water can expand the pipes and even lead to bursts. During the summer, you might find that there is leaking that wasn’t there the previous year.



With plumbing comes clogging—it’s just the natural way of things—especially when things like hair, grease, soap, and other objects are being shuttled into the pipes. Once a clog begins to form, drains and sinks are going to drain much more slowly. This might cause water to leak out of joints in the plumbing.


Water Pressure

If plumbing is not installed correctly, or the pressure in the pipes is not regulated, this can cause cracking and breaks in the line. You should have a pressure regulated installed to keep pressure even.


Poor Workmanship

Although it is less common to have a plumb piece together your pipes poorly, sometimes those who have DIYed their plumbing will find more leaking than usual. Most of the time, leaks are caused by improperly secured joints, loose fittings, inappropriate materials, and so on.


Leaky Pipe Problems

Even the smallest of cracks can become a serious plumbing problem, so keep your eyes open and do routine maintenance. If you don’t know what to look for, then you should hire a professional plumber to inspect your home for any damages.


Remember, leaky pipes can cause a number of problems within the household. If leaks are not found quickly, the water can pool or seep into the woodwork. This can result in mold, warping, stained walls, flooding, and other issues that can be rather expensive to repair. Even if it seems inconvenient to deal with the leaky pipe right now, keep in mind how much money you could be losing by letting it continue on.


As soon as you notice issues like stains on walls from water damage or still water in the basement, call a plumber to resolve the issue. Don’t wait.


Do you have questions about leaky pipes? Found a broken pipe and need repairs? Need more advice on what to do? Call our team to learn more or schedule an appointment.