“What makes a reliable plumber?” is an important question to ask when looking for the right company for the job. The plumbing system is often one of the most serious problems that you can encounter if you own or renovate a property. You only need one small plumbing issue and you could be facing major problems. An issue with a plumbing system can quickly turn into a big one, from clogged drains that emit a foul odour to the beginnings of a flooding problem.

If you need to hire a plumber, you should make sure that you consider the following factors. What should you look out for?

1. Always read into their reputation

First off, you want to find someone who is well-spoken about by previous clientele. This means researching their company name on social media and search engines. Trust us, if they have done something wrong in the past then someone will be telling the whole world to avoid them like the plague! Even negative feedback is worth reading to see if the company made a valid response and tried to remedy the situation. You should consider the reputation of a company first and foremost, though, as it can be vital to getting the right person.

2. Always check their experience level

While a new plumber could be very good indeed due to having modern training, you typically want someone with experience. Even someone who has been in the trade for 2+ years is a decent bet. You should avoid hiring anyone who is brand new, as plumbing can be a complex job and it does not take much for a ‘small issue’ to turn into a catastrophe that needs a more experienced mind. Also check to find out what warranties or guarantees they have.

3. Always evaluate the accreditation

Plumbers need to carry certain qualifications and accreditations, so you should make sure that you look into this as an absolute priority. A reliable plumber will be someone who can show they have the right accreditations to do the job without needing a third party involved. If you are to hire a plumber, they need to show they have legitimate and authentic qualifications beforehand. If they cannot provide proof of this, we recommend that you hire someone else instead.

4. Never go on word of mouth alone

At the same time, avoid hiring a plumber purely on word of mouth. By all means, take the recommendation and look into the company. Do not make the hire based on the word of one person alone, though. Unless they live in the same property style as you and have had the same problem, you should always keep researching as one recommendation alone is simply not enough.

Look at a variety of sources for plumbing reviews. Look at the company’s website to get a feel for the size of the company and how long they have been in business. Call them to see if a real person answers the phone or if you do need to leave a message, they get back to you in a timely fashion.

5. Never hire a plumber without estimates

Any plumber who is worth their salt will give you a written estimate for the job and how much it should cost. While estimates can go up or down a little, it should not be much more than, say, 5-10% of the initial cost. The scope of the job should be in writing as well. Many plumbers look to avoid giving out written estimates but avoid those types. A written estimate is proof of price, and it makes it easier to avoid any disputes or problems with pricing if the job goes as it was supposed to.

Keep the above in mind, and you should find it much easier to make an investment in plumbing that makes perfect sense. Now, you can avoid having your plumbing problem become even worse simply by hiring the person to fix the issue at hand!