Aside from stocking up on plumbing supplies and crossing your fingers, what more can you do to prepare for the holidays? Every year, people just like you run into unfortunate events with their plumbing, because they forgot some key things about plumbing. No one wants to feel like they have landed themselves in a pot of coal during the festivities, so make sure you—and everyone visiting—knows the plumbing do’s and don’ts of the holiday season. 

What are the Do’s and Don’ts for your plumbing during this  Holiday Season?


The Gift of a Functional Toilet

Even though 2020 has brought about new regulations for celebrating the jolliest time of the year, you may still have some people gathering at your home throughout the holidays. If you plan on keeping your plumbing functional, be sure to let your guests in on a little secret: no flushing of anything but toilet paper


Provide an additional receptacle for feminine products or wipes and other sanitary items, if it makes things easier. 


Prior to having family and friends over to the holidays, you should also get your toilet’s plumbing inspected. Any build up along the pipes leading to the septic system should be taken care of before the increased strain on the system. 


Disconnect Any Outdoor Lines

Now the temperature has dropped, it is time to make sure that any outdoor hoses and spigots have been winterized. This includes discharge lines from the sump pump. Double check to make sure any water lines that connect with outside are functioning properly and are not backing up. This includes any lines from the sinks and showers or bathtubs. 


Garbage Disposal Tips

No surprise, but your garbage disposal—or garburator—is connected to the plumbing. And that puts it at risk of clogging everything up. Since guests may not know, it is best to remind them to run water when the disposal is in use. Also, be mindful of the kinds of stuff going down the drain. Avoid things like coffee grounds, eggshells, bones, pasta, potato skins, and fibrous items. 


When Things Go as South as the South Pole

The holidays are the worst time to have something terrible happen with your plumbing. Not only is the weather frigid and the ground frozen, but you have to deal with potential damages to your home. Plumbing emergencies require immediate action, too. Whether the pipes have frozen and burst or you have a rapidly worsening leak or clog, don’t panic. 


The first step to resolving any plumbing emergency is to shut off the main water valve. That will prevent water from flowing into the affected pipes. Try to mop up as much water as you can to keep it from stagnating or damaging your home. 

Call in The Pros

Don’t be afraid of calling the local plumbing company when a plumbing emergency strikes. Even if it is the holidays, you cannot let a plumbing problem go unresolved. Describe what is happening with as much detail as possible and be sure to tell the professional what steps you have taken. This will help with repairs and replacements that may be needed. 


Ready for the holiday season? Why not schedule a maintenance service as an early holiday present to yourself? Peace of mind is a wonderful gift, after all.