Can I install a new toilet myself or should I hire a plumber

Can I install a new toilet myself or should I hire a plumber?

The decision to install a new toilet can often boil down to a question of expertise and comfort level with DIY projects. While hiring a professional plumber ensures a job done right, installing a toilet yourself could be a cost-effective alternative if you have some basic plumbing knowledge and a helpful guide at hand. In..

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Emergency Toilet Options

Emergency Toilet Options For When Plumbing Fails

There may come a time when you are faced with a true disaster: You got to go, but there’s no where to do business. This is what’s called a SHTF scenario, where there’s no running water, no electric, and no way to get to a toilet. Though it’s a messy situation to plan for, knowing..

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Why Does The Toilet Whistle After Flushing?

Whether there’s a soft whistling or an ear-piercing shriek coming from the toilet as it refills, the sound can certainly cause alarm. Indeed, the sound means that there’s a problem that needs repair. Here’s the reason why the toilet whistles after flushing and how to correct it:   The Cause of the Whistling Toilet The..

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