Toilets are never a problem until it is the source of all your troubles. Your toilet is an essential fixture in the house that is often forgotten about until there is a leak, clog, or unpleasant back-up happening. The good news is you can call The Irish Plumber when the toilet bowl or cistern is acting up.

Our Toilet Repair Service experts take care of the following issues:

  • Clogged toilet;
  • Toilet not flushing;
  • Leaking toilet;
  • Toilet making odd noises;
  • Toilet replacement and installation.

Maybe you are unsure of what the actual cause is. Not to worry—with extensive knowledge and training, The Irish Plumber can get to the root of the issue fast. We can identify the cause, propose the solution, and then provide a straightforward estimate of the cost.

If you live in Ottawa, Kanata, Barrhaven, Manotick, Orleans, Nepean or Stittsville, The Irish Plumber got you covered!

To prevent issues with your toilet from ever happening, we hope that you will follow these guidelines:



  1. Do not flush “flushable” wipes. The name is a misnomer, because you actually should not be flushing these at all. Baby wipes and personal wipes do not break down like toilet paper, causing clogs in toilets and drains over time.


  1. Avoid thick toilet paper. Plushier paper might feel better, but it also takes much longer to disintegrate. This increases the chance of a clog.


  1. Facial tissues. Sure, the soft tissue you use to blow your nose might look safe to flush, but remember that they are made to withstand liquid. Again, they do not break down easily. The same rule applies to absorbent paper towels and napkins.


  1. Feminine hygiene products. Believe it or not, this is the leading cause of toilet clogs. Feminine products will not disintegrate and can stick together or to pipes, eventually clogging up drains and pipes. Never flush these.


  1. Do not put cleaners in the tank. The chemicals can prematurely erode the plastic and metal parts in there that make the toilet operate properly. Put them in the bowl.


  1. Flush your low-water volume toilet every single time. Otherwise, chemicals may build up, causing degradation of the bits and pieces.


If you are making it habit to prevent flushing the un-flushable and have not seen any conspicuous wear and tear of the system, the Irish Plumber will be able to ascertain the cause.

4 Toilet Repair Service locations in Ottawa.

Why You Should Choose The Irish Plumber for Your Toilet Trouble?

Our professional team is dedicated to treating you right. The extensive knowledge, paired with experience, and quality customer service is sure to leave you with a smile on your face.


We guarantee our services. Fixing the problem is just the beginning. When you have us do the job, you are assured that the problem will stay fixed, or you get your money back.


No surprises with pricing. Though plumbing is not predictable, our pricing system is. You will never be shocked by the final bill, because we promise to be upfront about the cost of service from the beginning.


Give The Irish Plumber a call today. When the toilet has a problem, your life is on hold—so do not wait. If you are experiencing an emergency in the Ottawa area, give our 24/7 emergency number a ring to have one of our professional plumbers dispatched to your doorstep immediately.

We are fully licensed, experienced, and eager to repair your toilet troubles right the first time.


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