When it comes to plumbing services in the Ottawa region, The Irish Plumber believes in giving more than what you pay for. When you need a drain camera inspection for your repeatedly clogged or slowly draining plumbing system, you can rely on the Irish Plumber who has years of experience and a high customer satisfaction rating, to get the job done well—the first time. The Irish Plumber is proud to offer comprehensive draining solutions, like drain camera inspection.


If you have a drain that continues to block, the Irish Plumber has a specialized camera that allows us to see deep into the underground or unreachable pipes to see what is happening. From there, we can identify the cause of the blockage and offer a long term solution.

About Drain Camera Inspection

Before one of our experts can provide you with a proper cleaning of the drainage system, assessment is needed. While performing a drain camera inspection, a camera affixed to the end of a flexible line is sent down into the piping. Depending on the clarity of the water and what the conditions of the piping look like, the camera should allow us to see the cause of the problem. Because the Irish Plumber is a specialist, we will not only locate the origin of the issue, we will explain and design a careful and considerate plan to deal with the problem.

Common Problems

The CCTV drain camera inspection will diagnose a multitude of issues within the sewer system. Drain cameras are fantastic for detecting build-up of clay, dirt, waste, leaves, gravel, roots, and other materials. Although these things do tend to accumulate over time, the age and construction of the pipes will also come into consideration when figuring out where the build-up is coming from.

Advantages of Drain Camera Inspection

Drain camera inspection is very precise. You will even see an indentation that could have been made by falling rocks or backhoes during the construction or prior repair of your pipes. Fractures and weathering is also viewable through the camera’s eye. Another benefit of using a drain camera to assess the blockage and health of your plumbing system is that the specialist can replay the footage as many times as necessary. Should we need to re-inspect the pipes for any other possible future issues, the need to redo the entire inspection is minimized because the entire run is recorded.

3 Drain Camera Inspection service locations in Ottawa.

The Irish Plumber values how comprehensive and reliable drain camera inspections are and we hope that you will too. Using these cameras helps us see the faults in your plumbing system with tremendous detail, so we can fine tune the cleaning or repair precisely to your needs. Additionally, because we can pinpoint weakness and target the source of the blockage, there will be no need for immense excavation to fix the problem.


When you have drain blockage and other imperceptible problems that cannot be diagnosed by the naked eye alone, a drain camera inspection is a quick and efficient means of finding the cause and creating a solution. Have the Irish Plumber perform one of these inspections today. We are available whenever you need us, day or night, in the Barrhaven, Kanata and Ottawa area. In the event of an emergency, call The Irish Plumber who provides timely and reliable services!

We are fully licensed, experienced, and eager to get the job done right the first time.


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